Renae Buono Plan Plant Planet

We believe that environmental sustainability is increasingly important. Small actions can often serve as spokes on the solution wheel, especially when multiple people participate.

Planting a tree is an example of a small way to make a larger impact over time.

Imagine planting a small tree when you take a vacation. The amount of time should not take away from your experience but add to it! With geolocation from satellites, it’s now easier than ever to take a picture of your small tree and record the latitude and longitude. Now, imagine leaving a legacy for your children and their children with a “treasure map” that includes all the locations in the US and around the world where you and your spouse, partner, family, or friends have visited and planted trees.

When you pass away, the trees will continue to live on, and your great grandchildren could retrace some of the travel locations of your life. Cemetery headstones are “dead” while the Plan Plant Planet concept is a “living” record that grows over time with descendants who could replant if needed and expand on the family planting map.

For logistics, RB Travel will help you identify planting locations in the area of your travel where the tree will have the highest likelihood of growth success. We will also help you identify which type of tree to plant relative to the micro-climate of the region and which nurseries or garden centers have the tree on site.

Renae Buono Plan Plant Planet shirts

If you would like to wear a Plan Plant Planet shirt that is made from eco-friendly and recycled material, click below to review the options:

Dark tone T-Shirts – 60% recycled cotton, 40% post-consumer recycled polyester

White T-Shirts – Also 60% recycled cotton, 40% post-consumer recycled polyester