For travel, we go beyond easily accessible online bookings to seek out experiences that delight our clients and range from luxury camping to eco-tourism in the U.S. and around the world.

Beyond Renae’s personal travel experiences, her strategic advisors bring an incredible depth of personal experience to RB Travel. We help shape truly memorable experiences, and our recommendations typically include first-hand experiences that are “Immersive”.

From Mt. Fuji to the Galapagos Islands and from wine tasting to sunset walks on beaches around the world, we shape trips for individuals, couples, and families. The range of adrenaline level varies, and our favorite travel typically has a great balance.

Here are some examples of where we have first-hand experience:

  • Climbing Mt. Fuji and watching the sun rise with breakfast on the rim of the crater, Japan
  • Free diving with reef sharks in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador
  • Helicopter tours inside volcanic craters and windsurfing Ho’okipa Beach in Maui, Hawaii
  • Wine tasting in the Lake Balaton region included the historic hillside wine cellars, Hungary
  • White water rafting in the Gorge River, West Virginia
  • Fly fishing the Big Wood River in Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Climbing the double shell stairs within the Duomo of the Florence Cathedral, Italy
  • Meditating with Buddhist Monks, Tea Ceremonies, and Kyoto Garden Tours, Japan
  • Cheese tasting in Nice on the Mediterranean, South of France
  • Hiking the giant redwood tree trails at the base of Mt. Tamalpais, California
  • Exploring the hidden Silver Vaults of London to shop for sterling goblets, England
  • Beach cruiser biking at low tide on the nature preserve “point” of Seven Mile Island, New Jersey
  • Canoeing in the Louisiana bayou along with alligators
  • Fan boating in the Florida Everglades with alligators, which is safer than canoeing
  • Flying in open cockpit biplanes for adrenaline packed stunt flying
  • Flying first, as a safer more comfortable alternative to open cockpit stunt planes
  • Hiking the Mineral Basin Canyon and stargazing the night sky with more stars than you could ever image, Moab, Utah
  • Dog sledding and ice fishing in different cold climates across North America
  • Sketching the tallest building in the world, Berg Khalifa, from the man-made Palm finger island of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Climbing the step pyramids of Tulum and Coba in the ancient Mayan Cities of Flying Mexico
  • Scuba diving Spanish Galion shipwrecks for glass beads and other treasures at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
  • Enhancing African Safari: Horseback riding among wild giraffes; Hot air ballooning directly over stampeding herds of elephants; On-foot tracking silverback mountain gorillas through the jungle of the Aberdare Mountain Range; Watching lion prides plan and attack gazelles and zebras with astounding precision; Seeing tens of thousands of flamingo cover the side of Lake Nakuru in a sea of pink and crimson; Hearing the thunder of the wildebeest migration and feel the earth literally shake underfoot on the Maasai Mara, East Africa

RB Favorite: Toes in sand with cocktails in hand for sunset walks on the beach to collect translucent tumbled ocean glass, shells, or stones. This is one of our favorite activities, proven to enrich mind, body, and soul on beaches around the world. All the expensive purchased souvenirs in the world often don’t carry the same value as something found with the people you love. Over time, those found objects are great catalysts to remember trips and a tremendous source of positive energy.

To ensure that you get the most out of any adventure, when appropriate, we help align the right guides and in some cases naturalists to enhance your mind along with your body, and soul.

You will never forget your RB Travel adventures.

Our Process: We like to learn a much about your interests as possible to shape a travel proposal, rather than simply executing a destination “wish list”. Our hope is to surprise and delight you with opportunities that you may not have considered. The learning comes via in person meetings or video conference calls, and please Contact Us to schedule a mutually convenient day and time to connect.

Please note that we also provide Apparel  services as well as Volunteer Vacations  and our Plan Plant Planet  Program.

We take Plan Plant Planet message to heart. “Plan” is about well thought out and executed plans for travel. “Plant” is about planting a tree or some type of organic to demark a visit anywhere in the world, with geolocation. “Planet” is about sustainability and volunteer work to extend actions for the community beyond oneself.